Our blogs and blog posts feature a vast variety of business subjects and are continually expanding. Our explicit intent is to help and support businesses to optimize their profits, facilitate growth, and increase value. To find certain topics easily and to navigate to the respective subjects, we have structured our blogs into business areas or fields of interest. Each blog post also has tags to find similar or related themes.

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Business Architecture

Business architecture is the undertaking of developing and maintaining a blueprint of the entire company to promote a common understanding of the organization and alignment of strategic objectives with tactical demands. It addresses all elements of a business in real-world aspects and how those interact with each other. It’s the base layer to integrating vision, goals, plans, processes, structure, and resources.

Last Posted: 13-Mar-2015 | Total Posts: 3

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is the methodology used to transform raw data into meaningful, relevant, and useful information. A holistic approach will support the entire business from strategic planning through implementation. It’s the foundation of any decision-making process.

Last Posted: 19-Feb-2015 | Total Posts: 1

Digital Business

In today’s digital business world, more than 7 billion people and businesses and at least 35 billion devices are collaborating, communicating, transacting, and even negotiating with each other. It’s the convergence of people, businesses, and the Internet of things that disrupts existing business models by blurring the digital and physical worlds. Businesses can provide the ultimate client experience by combining existing technology with conventional business knowledge.

Last Posted: 04-Mar-2015 | Total Posts: 2

Strategic Management

Strategic management is the systematic approach by a business’s executive management, on behalf of the owners, to long-term optimization of the company’s net present value by stipulating goals, implementing initiatives, considering resources, and assessing internal capabilities and external environments.

Last Posted: 05-Feb-2015 | Total Posts: 1

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