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An essential function within every organization is logistics management, which is defined in different ways depending on the nature of the individual business and industry. We broadly define it as being concerned with the efficient, effective, and timely forward and reverse flow and storage of goods, services, data, and information from its originator to the consumer in the required quantity and quality.


Logistics, deliver today tomorrow’s expectation

The incorporation of strategy, planning, and implementation - along with a clear understanding of the entire supply chain - is essential to achieving effective logistics management.

Our areas of expertise

Work we have done

We are highly qualified practitioners in the complexities associated with logistics. As such, our capabilities in this field are unmatched, as demonstrated by our extensive experience in the disciplines below:


  • Assessment, planning, and support
  • Order management
  • Warehousing and inventory management
  • Distribution
  • Logistics controlling (monitoring and evaluation)
  • Quality control


Each project we undertake presents its own unique challenges that are a function of not only the specific sector but also the individual circumstances attributable to a given client. To deliver successful outcomes, our approach is to work closely with our clients to analyze which aspects of an organization require our focus and expertise. Solutions are never predetermined, so our clients benefit enormously from our ability to harness the real-world experiences we have gained over many years.


In sum, our consultative method involves utilizing our wide-ranging knowledge of industry-leading best practices with the sole aim of helping clients optimize the logistics function within their organizations.

Listed below is a small sample of the work we have successfully undertaken over the past several years in helping an array of clients with their complex logistics challenges:


  • Definition and implementation of a forecasting model in highly volatile demand markets
  • Optimization of economic order quantities (EOQ) and economic production quantities (EPQ)
  • Design and deployment of an improved spare parts concept
  • Optimization of procurement lead time
  • Reduction of inventory obsolescence costs
  • Design and implementation of an entire procurement chain for a complete production line, including mass production ramp-up
  • Evaluation and conduct of a performance improvement program


As you would expect, the successful outcomes we deliver for our clients are a result of considerable subject knowledge and experience.


To conclude, if you think your business could benefit from addressing either explicit or potential problem areas, contact us at your first opportunity to learn how we can help your organization.

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Our method of consulting is simple and modest, yet efficient and effective as it responds to three essential subjects: methodology, obligation, and consequence.

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Supply chain improvement by increased investments in technology

Supply chain and operations executives are reducing complexity, coping with volatility, and mitigating uncertainty by means of increased technology investments.


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