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Operations, the heartbeat of many organizations

Typically, operations management within an organization can be viewed from three distinct perspectives: strategic, tactical, and functional. The strategic level represents the corporate business model, including its entire value chain; the tactical level centers on the operations process model; and the operational level addresses the operations function itself.


Experts in all aspects of operations

When analyzed holistically, these three discrete aspects, in fact, collectively represent the heartbeat of many organizations in that they pertain to the effective management, design, and control of the processes associated with the production of goods and services at different levels within the organization.

Our areas of expertise

Work we have done

As experts in all aspects of operations  we have unrivaled capabilities. Outlined below are some of the key areas that we help organizations optimize:


  • Operations support
  • Procurement and materials management
  • Production planning and control
  • Production engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Assembly and subassembly
  • Facility and equipment maintenance
  • Quality control and inspection


Given the vast range and depth that exist within the field of operations  coupled with the inherent complexity and the unique attributes of every client, our preferred modus operandi as consultants is flexible rather than prescriptive. Moreover, our approach as a business is to listen to our clients with a view to understanding and identifying the pain points that exist within the management of their operations. Once a clear picture emerges, decisions can be made about the best methodologies and techniques to employ in order to rectify and improve operational management performance.


In short, one size does not fit all. Each project presents a different set of challenges that can be met effectively only by consultants with considerable subject expertise, years of experience, and a practical approach to problem solving.

We have designed and implemented many solutions to meet our clients’ needs. The following examples show some of the work we have undertaken to help clients overcome what can often appear at the outset as insurmountable operational management challenges.


  • Evaluation, design, build, and ramp-up of a new production plant
  • Reduction of the break-even point for a highly dynamic and agile operation
  • Vertical integration including white-label production
  • Design and Implementation of just-in-time production methodology
  • Introduction of a push/pull hybrid materials management concept
  • Integration of post-merger operations
  • Performance improvement program
  • Global production dislocation


We have deep subject knowledge and many years of successful execution and delivery of real-world operational management projects.


Therefore, the next time you need a fresh but highly experienced perspective on the heartbeat of your organization, simply give us a call and arrange a no-obligation chat about how we can help your organization leverage the power of effective operations management.

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Our method of consulting is simple and modest, yet efficient and effective as it responds to three essential subjects: methodology, obligation, and consequence.

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Supply chain improvement by increased investments in technology

Supply chain and operations executives are reducing complexity, coping with volatility, and mitigating uncertainty by means of increased technology investments.


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