Our everyday work requires profound knowledge and broad expertise. Every client, every problem, and every job—large or small, simple or complex—has its own specifics. And still there is one common denominator: a great source for learning, if not the best. We’d like to share with you our insights because we believe that’s the most effective way to learn and improve continually. You may gain new thoughts and insights to increase your understanding, which ultimately will help you to stay competitive and in front of your competition. Except for the blogs, we ask you to register with us to enjoy our insights.

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Our Frequently issued white papers and articles cover details and insights about certain business issues. They may help you to understand better related topics or the latest trends. They may support a more informed decision-making process or provide recommendations for a new, improved solution to a nagging business problem.


We share our experience, understanding, and even our opinions about several business topics. We encourage you to engage with us actively by commenting on and discussing our posts. Whether you agree with our posts or not, let’s have a discussion and understand our differences because they may be sources of real innovation. We encourage and appreciate a culture of discussion and even dispute.


Our quarterly periodical keeps you informed about the latest and greatest business trends and topics. It gives you an overview and summarizes our newest insights and developing business trends.


Certain business topics require detailed and structured analytics to help you draw the correct conclusions. As a registered user, you can gain experience from our comprehensive expertise and have exclusive and full access to our business and industry reports.

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Publications and insights

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