Fenerate Consulting is recognized by clients, partners, employees, and competitors as a respected, well established, and highly reputable consulting boutique.



Fenerate Consulting provides excellent and innovative business services and solutions. Our people make the difference because they are committed, passionate, and motivated to serve our clients so they will be truly competitive and ultimately successful. Fenerate’s employees constantly strive for simplicity, but they never compromise on quality. We are all authentic, have integrity, and are self-critical.



Our core values are essential and will guide us in resolving inevitable conflicts, prioritizing scarce resources, and attracting and retaining the right type of employees and clients.


  • Our clients’ privacy is of utmost importance to us. We never disclose sensitive or confidential information, achievements, or results - not even for our own promotional purposes, when generalized or used anonymously.
  • We are entrepreneurs, and we act like it. We wisely leverage our clients’ resources as well as our own. All our efforts are efficient, effective, and timely.
  • We are independent, and our advice, findings, proposals, and opinions are never biased. All our work is based on evidence, and we practice full transparency with attention to every detail.
  • We value and appreciate diversity, local custom, and distinct cultures while remaining intransigent on ethics and laws.
  • We are proud of our work, and we sincerely enjoy and accommodate a great business relationship with all our clients, partners, employees, and competitors.
  • Whatever we do, we always act with a long-term perspective and balance both economic and ecological aspects.


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